About us

Nordlana was born in the very north of Europe, in the small, but beautiful country, Estonia. As winters are crisp and frosty, keeping warm is essential, but usual blankets were not enough. We wanted to create a high-quality product, which impresses through the simplicity of Nordic design, is practical but luxurious and most importantly, keeps you warm and cozy for many years to come.

The Nordlana blanket is eco-friendly, made of lightly spun, 100% merino wool and it is hand-knitted with care, making it not just super soft and warm, but also a long-lasting, luxurious statement piece in your home.

Chunky, thick merino wool blanket

Why Merino wool is so special?

1. It is incredibly gentle on the skin
Merino wool is one of the softest and finest fibers you can find; being three times thinner than human hair, it is exceptionally gentle and luxurious.

2. It is adaptable
Merino wool actively reacts to changes in body temperature, so you will never be too cold or too hot again.

3. It is odour resistant
Because Merino wool can manage moisture and has antibacterial properties, the bacteria that cause odour cannot survive, making the material odour resistant.

4. It is hypoallergenic
Unlike most fabrics, Merino wool repels dust and does not contain harsh chemicals. Because Merino wool is breathable and has the ability to remove moisture, it is not a good environment for dust mites, which are the main cause of allergy and asthma.

5. It is eco-friendly
Merino wool is made of a natural, biodegradable protein. This means that when disposed of, it decomposes over a short period of time and acts like a fertilizer, as it enhances the earth with valuable nutrients.